In Ground Pool Buying Resources:

We’ve made this area of our website to provide you with as much information as possible to help you with your pool buying decision. We realize this is a major home improvement project and the more you know, the better.

First step of your project: Check with your local town/city hall as to your setback requirements. Speak with your building inspector and he can answer many of your questions about permitting, fees, etc.  These are links to Mass town halls and RI town halls

When considering a pool builder here are questions to ask:


1. Pool Builder’s Business Address
2. Pool Builder’s length of time in business under PRESENT name
3. Had the pool builder, partners, owners, or officers ever filed for bankruptcy? — Yes — No
If so, when and under what name?
4. What bank does the pool builder do business with?
5. Will my checks be made out to a business account or a personal account?
6. Who is the pool builder’s insurance company?
For general liability?
For personal liability?
What are the limits for both?
7. Are the pool builder’s subcontractors covered by general liability insurance? — Yes — No (Note that at Dynasty, there are no subcontractors!)
8. Does the pool builder have a good rating with Dunn & Bradstreet? — Yes — No
9. Will the pool builder’s insurance company provide me with certificates of insurance? — Yes — No
Please provide name and phone number
10. Does the pool builder belong to a trade association or business organization? — Yes — No
Please provide
11. Please provide the names and phone numbers of three suppliers you have done business with for at least two (2) years:
12. Does the pool builder provide lien waivers from vendors and subcontractors? — Yes — No (Note that as we have no subcontractors, there are no lien holders)
13. Will the pool builder provide a list of everyone who has lien rights on the pool? — Yes — No (Note that as we have no subcontractors, there are no lien holders)
14. Does the pool builder agree to build the pool to meet or exceed the APSP Standards? — Yes — No