Bluestone Pool Patios:

Bluestone patios are a very popular choice for New England  as the color tones blends nicely with New England homes and as a natural product, it is extremely durable. 

Bluestone_fullcolor_natural_cleft1-resizedBluestone Patio Pavers

The Bluestone patios we offer are either natural cleft or thermal. A natural cleft cut is stone that is hand split with the four edges sawn, while the face of the stone is left natural. Thermaled bluestone is grouped by size and color, gauging for uniformity and allowing for a smooth top and sawn bottom.Bluestone_fullcolor_natural_cleft2-resized

Pennsylvania Bluestone is a layered sandstone found only in the northeastern tier of Pennsylvania, parts of northern New Jersey and the southern tier of New York. The quarried product has many uses, from cut dimensional stone used in patios, walkways and stair treads to architectural stone used in buildings. It is also used for wallstone, decorative boulders, natural steps and other landscape features.

The name Pennsylvania Bluestone is due to its predominantly blue color and because the majority of stone is quarried in Pennsylvania; it can, however, appear in many other hues besides blue.

The commercial refinishing process for bluestone cut slabs is called spalling. This process incorporates water and heat to reveal the natural layers of the stone as it was deposited originally. The cutting orientation must be almost exactly along the horizontal layers. The cut slab surface is soaked with water and heated rapidly with a wide nozzle propane torch, breaking off chips of stone along their natural fault lines. The spalled slabs are called Pennsylvania River Rock or variations of this name depending on the market or origin of the stone.