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1. Layout the pool

2. Dig & Frame: Customer should be onsite to approve the final layout. It is easy to make changes up to this point, but once the pool has been dug and the framework of the pool is in place, changes can be challenging.

3. Steel: This is what holds your pool together. #3 steel rebar tied in a cage of 1×1 square blocks. You are starting to get an idea of what your pool is going to look like. An inspection is due at this point. Pool must be grounded. (electrical)

4. Rough Plumbing. Schedule 40 PVC pipe is run for the main drains, skimmers, return lines and any water feature lines are installed at this point. Light placement is finalized at this time.

5. Let’s Shoot: We shoot our gunite, one of the few pool companies in New England not to subcontract out this process. This enables us to insure our craftsmanship on your pool. This part of the project takes a day and is by far the messiest phase of the construction process. Stay away and take the kids and dogs. Dirties, dustiest. When considering pool companies, ask them if they shoot their own gunite or subcontract this portion out. By shooting our own gunite, we can guarantee our work for the highest quality possible.

6. Plumbing continues at this point. Schedule 40 PVC pipe ties from the rough plumbing to the equipment pad. Backfilling and pool/spa plumbing is completed at this point. Electrician and gas work is done at this time.

7. Coping & Tile: Depending on the materials chosen for the deck, either the tile or the coping will be installed at this point. We recommend either natural Bluestone or pavers with a bull-nosed edge. The tile we use frost-proof and rated for New England (ClassicPoolTile)

8. Deck and Water features and constructed at this point. Adding, changing or modifying the deck is easy at this point.

9. Equipment: Your Totally Hawyard equipment is installed at this time. Note the Totally Hayward equipment provides you a 3 year vs 1 year equipment warranty.

10. Interior Finish: This is the oh-my God moment. Either the plaster or pebble finish really gives your pool the wow factor! This is the final construction phase. The finish is applied then washed and immediately filled with water.

11. WATER: A tanker will deliver your pool water and you are a step away from being swim-ready

12. START UP: A Dynasty service tech will start up the pool, test the equipment, balance the water and now it’s time to swim. When you are ready for your lesson, another tech will come and teach you to maintain and care for your pool.