Gunite-pools (6)1. How can I be sure to make the right decision when choosing a pool builder?

Referrals can be the most valuable source of information.  Call old customers and ask about their experience. If they had any problems, did the company take care of them? If possible, go and see some of the work that the builder has done in your area. Make sure that they are a member of APSP (Association of Pool & Spa Professionals) and check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure that if there were any complaints, they were all satisfied. Other important factors: How long have they been building pools? How many pools have they built? Here is a checklist to ask the prospective builders you are interviewing

2. Why is the pricing so different from one pool builder to another?

There are many reasons the prices vary so much from one builder to another. We are one of the few builders in New England who do all the work in house. We own our own equipment, shoot our own gunite, do the plumbing and masonry work in house and have a service department. These are factors that some companies have to subcontract and as such, they will mark up those portions of the project.

3. How long does the process take?

Building ANYTHING in New England is all about Mother Nature.  We have completely built pools in as little as two weeks as much as six weeks. On average, it takes 4 weeks start to finish including the patio. Because we do all the work ourselves, that reduces time as we are not depending on other subcontractors’ schedules.

4.  What is the warranty?

Dynasty is the only in ground pool company to offer a lifetime warranty not only on the structure, but on the plumbing as well as long we open and close your pool. No other pool company in New England offers this. Building an in ground pool is a major investment and as such you want it protected. The Dynasty Touch® service team will take care of all facets of your pool.

5. How much should I budget for this project?

When it gets down to it, it’s not the pool, but everything around the pool that takes up the budget. Our pricing is very straight forward and if you call us tomorrow, you could get a quote in about 30 seconds. The second biggest expense after the pool is the patio and that could be anywhere from $5,000 for a broom finish patio, 4′ all around the pool to $100,000 for a massive hand cut custom stone patio.  Look through out website to get some ideas. That we can build your pool and patio in house will not only expedite the process, but reduce the costs.