Think gunite pool maintenance is a pain…think again!


For years, as a fiberglass pool builder, I used to tell people over and over again that a gunite pool was one big maintenance headache. I used to tell them how much money they would spend in chemicals and re-plastering and extol the virtues of my fiberglass pools. Yes, fiberglass pools are very low maintenance, but a gunite pool CAN be very low maintenance as well. In fact, just as low maintenance as their fiberglass siblings.

However, there is one clarifying issue: If this is what you envision your new backyard to be…thirteenthen yes, there is a lot of maintenance involved.

Most of us, however are looking for a place where we can spend time with our family, entertain a few friends and generally just get the most enjoyment out of our New England swim season without breaking the bank or our backs in maintenance.

Having built gunite pools in New England for over 30 years, Dynasty has learned a lot along the way. Here are the steps we take building pools that result in a very low maintenance pool for our clients:

  1. The Pool Finish:

    All gunite pool builders include a plaster finish in the basic package. However, when you hear your friends lament about having the re-plaster or acid wash their pool, you can bet your bottom dollar that they have plaster finish. We offer a variety of pebble finishes which not only reduces maintenance, but the manufacturers of these products include a LIFETIME WARRANTY on their materials and Dynasty backs that up with a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our workmanship.

  2. Skimmer, jets and main drain positioning:

    This is one element that is overlooked by most pool builders. Your jets, skimmers and main drains are positioned to completely turnover the pool is 4 hours. What that means is all the water in your pool will go through the filtration system in four hours or less resulting is sparkling clean water.

  3. Equipment Selection:

    The right equipment can make a world of difference with gunite pool maintenance. All pool builders have a choice of what equipment they are going to offer on their basic package. At Dynasty, we over size all standard equipment. What that means to our clients is that your filter is larger than necessary, but results in less cleaning and maintenance; your pump is larger that needed for adequate flow, but with a larger pump you pool will turn over (circulate through the filter) quicker resulting in less maintenance for you.

  4. Salt Sanitizing:

    Including a salt chlorine generator will result in a pool that only utilizes a minimal amount of chlorine to sanitize your pool. Managing chemicals is one of the biggest headaches of gunite pool maintenance. The key here is to test your water once a week. The generator does the rest.

  5. Dynasty Touch:

    This is our service department. If you have Dynasty Touch open and close your pool, we warrant the plumbing for life. No other pool company in New England offers this. We also offer weekly, biweekly and monthly gunite pool maintenance plans.

  6. No subcontracting:

    We own our own equipment and everyone who works for Dynasty is an employee, not a contract worker. All our employees answer to an owner of the company. When there are multiple sub-contractors on a job, you end up with a lot of finger pointing and no one accepting responsibility if/when something goes wrong. Pool construction is a major undertaking and one we feel requires owner presence every step of the way.

  7. Owner Management:

    Dynasty is a family run business with two generations active in the day to day operations of the company. What does that mean to you? THERE IS AN OWNER ON YOUR JOB SITE EVERY DAY. From the initial meeting through all phases of construction and into service, a member of the family is on site. But other companies have Foremen or Managers for oversight. That may be true, but it is our family reputation on the line. We have existed and grown as a company by word of mouth referrals. We built our business one client at a time and that is how we intend to continue to grow.

  8. Managed Growth:

    There are pool companies out there that brag about how many jobs they do every year and the hundreds of pools they build. We wonder, how you can oversee and guarantee your work when you are not there. It is not our goal to be the biggest pool company in New England. It is our continued goal that 100% of our clients would refer or recommend us.

So how much time precisely am I going to have to spend maintaining this pool? If you figure test your water once a week, check the skimmer and lint strainer and adjust the pH as necessary, then the answer is around 10 minutes. You won’t have to touch the filters, maybe add a little salt here and there depending on splash-loss and tweak the pH. That’s it!


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