Fiberglass Pool Design Idea


If you look out at your backyard and are just stumped as to where to begin, a backyard designer can be a tremendous resource. We have worked with Michael Curadossi on many occasions and our clients love his work. He will help you design the backyard of your dreams. Once you have a plan, the Dynasty team will take bring that plan to life.



Here are some of Michael’s designs:

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ML Curadossi
Landscape Architecture & 3-D Imaging
Michael Curadossi /

Check out some of our recent designs in Boston, along the South Shore, Cape Cod Ma & RI.  See the transformation from the existing site, to the proposed design, including plans and 3-d renderings.

See some examples of our landscape designs built, completed by some of the highest quality landscape construction companies in the area. See how the design develops into an actual built work.

See all of the landscape architecture services we provide our clients explained in detail.  They include various scales and details of plans, before and after 3-D renderings, plant guide booklets and project management.

See the 4 – 6 steps involved in the design process that can be expected on a typical project.  By working together with our clients,  we provide them with a beautiful design, which then turns into their dream landscape!