fiberglass pool

1.  How much is my fiberglass pool going to cost? Installed pricing ranges from $25K to $45K.  Patio’s can run anywhere from $5,000 – $25,000 with the majority falling in the $15,000 range. Landscape, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens are becoming extremely popular today and when all is said and done, most of our projects run around $80k.

2.  What is included in the installation?

Your fiberglass pool delivered including all transportation permits
Site Preparation, excavation and pool installation
3/8″ crushed stone for back fill
Rigid  schedule 40 PVC pipe & fittings
VGB Compliant main drain
Self adjusting skimmer weir
3 return lines
Hayward Tristar pool pump & Swimclear cartridge filter
Ground water sump crock
PAL LED lighting
Safety fencing throughout construction
On site construction supervision (an owner of the company is on your site everyday!)
2′ concrete locking collar
Rough grade & site clean up
Equipment lesson and manuals by Dynasty Touch (service team)

What’s not included: Material removal, building permit fee, water, electric & gas connections

3.  What makes Dynasty/Leisure different from other fiberglass pool installers/manufacturers? Innovation: They are constantly looking to improve their fiberglass pools; Quality Control: Leisure is the only manufacturer that has a dedicated R&D team.  People: Leisure is owned by the Pain family who are actively involved in all facets of the business, hands on! Note that we worked with other fiberglass pool brands. Call us at 401-438-7665  and we will tell you exactly why Leisure is the best fiberglass pool on the market today.

4.  How long does it take for the installation? Unlike other fiberglass pool companies who stretch out the process for weeks, we are in and out quickly. Our crew is onsite 4 straight days.

5.  Where do you install pools? We will travel up to 150 miles from our E. Providence location. That includes the South and North Shores of Boston, New Hampshire, MA (east of Worcester), all RI and east of Hartford, CT.

6.  Can you do the patio as well? Unlike other fiberglass pool companies who simply drop in the pool, we can do it all. The coping, patio, pergolas, kitchens, grills and landscaping. We are the only in ground  pool company who can provide you with one-stop-shopping for your backyard.

7.  Will you come to our home and give us some ideas? Absolutely. However, as gas is getting more and more expensive, we do like to have an understanding of what you are looking for first. Please look at the models and services we offer. Please either call or email so we can go over pricing, timing and options.

8.  What is the warranty? Leisure offers a lifetime warranty on the structure and finish. And we are the only fiberglass pool company offer a lifetime warranty on the plumbing.

9.  Do you have a showroom we can visit? No, we are a construction company and in order to maintain our great pool prices, we don’t have a showroom. First and foremost, we are builders. However, we do have hundreds of satisfied clients who would welcome a visit from you.

10. Can I have an automatic pool cover with a fiberglass pool? Absolutely! An automatic cover can be installed on any fiberglass pool and in fact, we offer a model that has the cover box built right in!

11. Do you offer pool service? Yes, Dynasty Touch is our service division. We offer pool openings, closings and weekly, bi-weekly or monthly maintenance.  Our service technicians are all APSP certified as well as Certified Pool Operators.

12. How is the building permit handled? We will prepare the building permit package with our licenses and insurance information. When the permit is ready, we ask that you pick it up and put it in ziploc bag attached to your front door.

13.  How much space do you need for access? We need 10 feet to get to the backyard with our excavation equipment.

14. Can you make a vanishing/negative edge: YES! This is a specialty of ours.

15. What’s the difference between a ceramic core and carbon fiber in fiberglass pool manufacturing? In short, ceramic isn’t really flexible is it? –  Read the differences here.   What about that ceramic core company’s  pools? Check this video out.

16. What do you back fill your pool with? We use a gravel as does the majority of the in ground pool industry. Why then do other companies use sand? Because it is cheaper. Period – there is no other reason to use sand when the majority of fiberglass pool builders use gravel.

17.  Why should we choose Dynasty?

  • Leisure Pools: Leisure makes the strongest, most well built fiberglass pool on the market today (Read more here)
  • Project Management: We don’t have sales people, but rather project managers who work with you from the first contact. They will guide you in making decisions that work for your property, vision and budget. They will serve as your point of contact throughout the process and be on your site daily.
  • Experience, experience, experience. We are builders, not “installers.” When we are done, you are not only swimming in style, but the decking and any other outdoor living items you would like are completed.
  • Convenience: When considering a fiberglass pool company, you should ask what they do and do not provide. Do they do the decking? Do they dig their own pools? Are they local?