Negative Edge Pools

As many of our clients in RI are located near a body of water, many are choosing a negative edge or infinity style in ground pool. The sheer beauty and timeless of the design are making this style a very popular choice. The illusion of the water flowing right off the edge of the pool into an abyss makes this one of the most beautiful in ground pools.

Many people think these can only be built out of gunite, but that is not true. Any Leisure fiberglass pool can be installed in a negative edge style.  For either pool type, gunite or fiberglass, you are going to want a builder that is proficient as building these types of pools and they are indeed quite complex.

Every pool is different and while determining the pricing can be done based on specific formulas, the construction and hydraulics are calculated on the individual pool project. In doing your research, you should ask to see examples of the builders work and more importantly, talk to the home owner and ask about their experience.

TIP: You don’t want to be a builders first negative edge pool! Let them get their experience somewhere else!

36' Vanishing Edge, Cascading waterfall with natural stone veneer - Warwick Neck, RIDynasty Gunite & Fiberglass Pools have been building in ground pools for families in MA, RI, NH and CT for 30 years and have built numerous negative edge style pools. Please call us and we will make arrangements for you to visit some of our negative edge pool projects.


Here is another of our favorite negative edge pools in Warwick, RI:Negative Edge Beauty

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