Fiberglass Pool Prices


You see ads on TV from a local car dealership for a great vehicle starting at $25k. That’s for the basic package, but once you add in comfort options like heated seats, GPS, leather interior, the price jumps to $45k. That same applies to fiberglass pools. The fact is there is not much difference in prices between the major (Leisure, Viking et al, San Juan) pool manufacturers.

But keep in mind that one of the biggest expenses with fiberglass pools in New England is the shipping. As most of the manufactures are located in the mid-atlantic, it gets expensive bring up a pool. But with that said, you should still be able to get a nice size pool and patio for around $50K including options. See our complete package.

Dynasty Fiberglass Pools Prices:

Small: $19,000 and up installed

Medium: $26,500 and up installed

Large: $37,000 and up installed

A good rule of thumb for installed fiberglass pool pricing is to budget $1,100 per foot of pool length.  For example, the Riviera 30 is $33,000 installed.

What’s Included


Leisure patented Composite Armour ® Core of strength
Full Vinyl ester resin construction
Delivery of pool to site
Transportation permits
50 tons crushed blue stone or gravel back fill
Normal site preparation
On site construction supervision
4’ safety fencing around pool during construction
Concrete locking collar
Rough grade of site
Site Clean up
Complete hook up of all water lines from equipment to pool (up to 50’)
Electrical Hook ups by licensed electrician
Ground water sump crock
Precast equipment pad
Lifetime warranty of pool & finish
Three year warranty on equipment
Lifetime warranty on plumbing as long as Dynasty opens & closes the pool


Hayward Tristar Pump
Hayward Swimclear Filter
3 PAL LED lights with sub panel, transformer, pool timer and wireless remote
Manual Cleaning Kit:  Telescoping pole, vacuum, hose, nylon brush, leaf net, test kit

Plumbing Inclusions:

2’ PVC piping
Skimmer with self adjusting weir
2 VGB compliant main drains with anti vortex grate
3 return lines to pool

Dynasty Touch ® Service:
Manuals for all equipment
Pool School: Pool operations lesson
Pool start up; initial chemicals


Public liability
Workman’s compensation
Property damage

What’s Not Included in the pool price?

  • Building Permit Fees: The reason building permit fees are not included is that the price varies greatly. An in ground swimming pool permit can be anywhere from $50 to over $500. Check with your the Building Inspector in your community to find out the cost.
  • Gas Hookups:  If you are going with a natural gas or propane heater.  A good rule of thumb is to budget $2,500 for each of these contractors. If you already have propane service, ask your provider what they will charge to connect a new heater with existing propane tank.
  • Water:  To set your pool, we need to fill it quickly with water. Different water companies have different size tankers and it also depends on how far away your site is from the source. Budget $350 per tanker.
  • Material Removal: If your site is such that the excavated material can be graded into your yard, that’s great and the material excavated from the pool hole can be lost on site. If not, we simply charge the time and labor to load and haul away.
  • TIP: Ask around and see if any friends or neighbors are in need of material (i.e. fill) They may be in need and thus could save you $$$
  • Finish Patio:  We can provide you with any type patio, but our specialty is paver bricks and natural stone (blue stone and travertine).

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