2014 Pool Installations

Fall Pool InstallationLast summer was way too hot and now is the time to start planning your project.

But to where to begin?

  1. What does your dream pool look like? The internet is a great source for research! Use it! Outdoor living magazines are helpful as well. Create a folder/file for all the items you want in your backyard.

  2. Establish a budget. Cannot stress the importance of this enough! There is a pool project for every budget. Establishing this early and working with your builder you can create what you want within your budget.

  3. Pool construction in New England is VERY DEPENDENT ON MOTHER NATURE! Most pool companies start up in March but know that is always work remaining from the fall.

  4. More on weather. For excavation and much of the construction the ground needs to be dry! If we have a very snowy winter and wet early spring, that will cause delays. If you are ready to sign a contract with a pool builder, do it sooner rather than later. Spring gets busy in hurry!

  5. Landscaping: Once your pool and patio is done, you will need landscaping. At minimum, some grading and reseeding or more elaborate gardens and landscape. Talk to landscape contractors NOW. You will need to factor those costs into the project and if possible lock them in. They too get busy in the Spring. You want to be on their radar.

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